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GX-3R Pro

The new Riken Keiki GX-3R Pro is the smallest and lightest 5 Gas Personal monitor on the market . Measuring a tiny 73(w) x 65(H)x 26(D)mm and weighing only 120g it is a revolution in compact design. The GX-3R Pro is ideal for confined space work as its size means it does not interfere with work even if it is attached in the breathing zone.

New 5 Gas Personal Monitor has 4 sensor design

The GX-3R Pro uses 4 compact sensors including a brand new Electro-chemical Oxygen Sensor and Miniture Toxic sensor including a tiny IR Sensor for CO2 . The GX-3R Pro 5 Gas Personal Monitor will detect , Combustibles , Hydrogen Sulphide , Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide as well as a  Super Toxic such as CO2 or SO2. NH3 , CL2 and HCN options will be  added later .  A new 3 year sensor warranty is now standard .

Man down Alarm and Bluetooth Connectivity :

The GX-3R Pro also features a Man Down Alarm and Bluetooth Connectivity for the first time.

Long Battery Life before re-charge :

long battery mode allows the monitor to be used continuously for up to 40 hours before recharging. IP66/68 compliance as well as a 3 year sensor warranty allows the GX-3R Pro to be used with confidence .