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About Ribble Marine

The Company is run by experienced instrumentation and marine industry professionals. The founding principle is to provide you with products and services that are fit for purpose, at competitive prices. Supporting this principle is a commitment to provide first-class support to you, the customer, to ensure we stand out from the crowd.


If we promise to meet the schedule of your vessel and fail – we will supply at the next port free of charge.


Your vessels are governed by a range of IMO, flag and charterer regulations. Working with Ribble Marine will ensure your monitoring and test equipment is to relevant specification and supplied / serviced to your budget.


  • Gas detection (personal / portable and fixed systems)
  • Breath alcohol meters
  • Detector tubes
  • Span Gas / Calibration Gas – disposable and refillable
  • Oxygen analysers for IGS
  • Refrigerant leak detection
  • Temperature calibrators
  • Pressure calibrators